Creative Marketing

Getting a consistent message out with design integrity

Creative Marketing

Creative Marketing

Creative marketing should favour the brand as well as find unique ways to adapt for a multitude of displays and devices.

We have been creating web ads for years. What started with Flash-based ads have now evolved into more flexible HTML5 formats for use across different screen sizes. In addition to utilizing new tools and technology, we’ll make sure the creative really captures the attention of potential visitors.

The Challenge

People access the web through a variety of devices. From big screen desktop monitors to 3-inch mobile screens. The challenge with ensuring brand integrity is that we must learn to adapt brand elements to work in different environments while still conveying to-the-point messaging.

Our Approach

Adaptive design isn’t anything new, however, the execution of tailoring custom ads takes an understanding of both design and development. Our approach to creating engaging and efficient web ads is to ensure that no matter where the ad is being viewed, the message is clear and the brand is present.


Brand integrity is just as important as the message being pushed through an ad campaign.

We feel that in order to run a successful web campaign, it is crucial that all ads are easily identified as an extension of the brand. This can vary from campaign to campaign but in addition to the messaging, the repetition of brand elements works to instill who your business is – even if only viewed for a few seconds.

As visual storytellers, we’ll turn your core messaging into something memorable, maximizing your brand and campaign awareness. We work alongside your team to come up with the best messaging and creative to match.

Examples of animated ad campaigns

The overall look and feel of a campaign should look as if it is part of a whole. Each format should provide the same visual impact.

Vivi Imports

Leaderboard Animated Ad
Big Box Animated Ad
Half Page Animated Ad
Vivi Imports Home Page

One Tiger Yoga

Billboard Animated Ad
Big Box Animated Ad
Vertical Banner Animated Ad
One Tiger Yoga Home Page

Content (and Google) is King

Online advertising platforms are constantly evolving and we’re prepared to keep up, providing creative in all standardized preset sizes and formats. As more devices and screen sizes are added to the mix, we’re jumping ahead to build campaigns directly utilizing the Google Web Designer software. This allows for customization and animation of brand elements so a truly tailored experience can be executed.