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Sabertree is an in-development platform to help users with their education path.

The logo’s symbol is simple but full of meaning. The continuous line represents the user’s path. As the line winds back and forth it creates checkmarks in the negative space representing the goals completed along the way. The completed path creates a 3D “S” as well as a 2D leaf.

The Challenge

Education and career choices can be a complex and intimidating topic. We wanted to create a brand that embodied what the Sabetree platform can do – help users to identify career interests and find ways to reach those goals.

Our Approach

After doing a competitive analysis of similar platforms we found that the branding of the competition was too corporate looking. Our approach was to reach our target market (young people looking to build their lives, as well as parents of young people) with simple graphics with a strong bold and electric colour palette. This juxtaposition takes the seriousness of building your future and compliments it with excitement and wonder.

The simplicity of the logo makes it versatile across multiple platforms. The symbol can be used on its own as a design element or as a simple representation of a winding path with checkmarks as validation for completing milestones.


Providing students with career options, and guiding them through choosing the right path.

Education is a key part of our lives to get where we want to be in our future careers. The main goal of Sabertree is to help guide young people in academic and professional growth towards a satisfying career with a vast array of resources to get ahead.

The brand we created represents this in a visual way by utilizing negative space, typography and colour theory.

A modern and almost futuristic colour palette paired with a font family that shares and compliments the geometric form really brings the entire brand together.

Typography Breakdown
Brand Elements

Badges & Achievements

Gamification plays a big role with Sabertree. Badges will be used to signify the completion of specific goals and tasks by the user.

Pulling from the idea of a continuous path, we created a series of icons that share the same concept. This unified style further enhances brand awareness.

Iconography - Badges