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What began over a decade ago by brothers and business partners Chris and Lee Travaglini, has evolved today into a dynamic design studio. We specialize in creating compelling websites, digital and interactive communications and custom digital and tactile designs. Our clients come from multiple sectors including financial services, entertainment, technology, communications, and professional services.

Chris Travaglini Chris Travaglini

Chris Travaglini

Partner / Experience Architect

Chris oversees all aspects of GLK’s User Experience and Design, developing strategies to define and create a positive experience for our clients and their interactive and digital programs and projects. While he believes that ‘form and function are one’, his background as an accomplished art director leads him to create visually compelling work that is both memorable and effective for our clients.

Chris has a unique combination of skill sets as a creative professional, with a strong background in traditional print design and typography, as well as a firm foundation in all aspects of interactive strategy and design. He has been successfully navigating and bringing together both these disciplines since his student days having graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design majoring in typography and interactive design.

In his spare time, he continues to enhance his education and most recently graduated from an accelerated program at CMU in Digital Special Effects: Character and Creature design. His love of special effects and design for screen led him to explore these areas and he brings these new learnings to his work with our clients in a variety of ways from photoshoots to production videos. However, it is really his continuing desire to grow as a creative professional that continues to fuel his artistry.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Lee Travaglini Lee Travaglini

Lee Travaglini

Partner / Creative Director

Lee both oversees and leads the design and development of websites for our clients. He is a well-respected UX/UI designer with more than 10 years experience and takes pride in his ability to combine a variety of skills and knowledge to create truly unique and targeted user experiences. Lee not only designs, he has also taught UX design part-time.

He has an extensive background in programming (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, PHP) and is also an expert in WordPress CMS building customized solutions from the ground up.

A multi-talented individual, he is also an accomplished illustrator and animator and has created a number of illustrations for our clients that help communicate complex ideas in a clear way.

Lee’s passion with design does not end with digital works. In his spare time he enjoys designing indie games. He has also worked as a Producer/Designer on several motion projects for well-known bands like, Tegan and Sarah (All Messed Up; lyric video) and Alice in Chains (The Devil put the dinosaurs here; music video).

Being an entrepreneur and a creator Lee is always looking to expand his abilities and is always wiling to try new creative outlets. See more of his work on Dribbble.

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